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Integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) software: Industry organiza

-tions such as the NHTSA require ADAS features to be implemented into infotainment systems to achieve a five star safety rating, which HARMAN has long been doing with

in the infotainment space. HARMAN’s ADAS software is integrated with infotainment systems to offer camera-based assistance apps that translate back to the infotainment platform, dropping the costs and complexities of computing resources in the safety realm of connected vehicles.


The global market for smart, connected technology becomes more advanced

each day, and HARMAN is at the forefront of industry innovation. HARMAN industry-leading expertise in connected solutions, including its latest infotainment solutions and concept car, underscores the importance of connectivity, security and safety in the car.

HARMAN 5+1 Layer Security Framework

Automakers are continuously adjusting their technology features in new models to cater to the tech-driven demands of today’s consumers, with two main consumer trends that are top of mind – safety and autonomous driving. While consumers navigate through autonomous driving innovations and how they can benefit from them, HARMAN is continuously working with automakers to help meet top driver concerns, with safety and connectivity at the top of the list. Understanding the pain points of surface-level concerns like blind spot detection,

HARMAN developed a number of solutions to address the major concerns consumers have when considering how they might integrate autonomous vehicles into their lives. There are three chief technologies HARMAN developed to tackle safety on the road:

Infotainment systems are gradually becoming more connected to the external world with

enabled features like cloud connected services, downloadable apps, integration with personal devices of the consumers (phones/wearables), vehicle data analytics and communications

with other vehicles.


It goes without saying consumer expectations are shifting with today’s drivers on the road. Across all driver demographics, safety technology is a top concern, so it is critical we stay ahead of the curve as autonomous driving makes head-way into the consumer market.

Hypervisor technology: Our hypervisor technology separates and isolates the different software domains within the infotainment system, creating a virtual barrier to protect

the entertainment features from the critical car functions and staying one step ahead

of the security game against hackers.

Sophisticated Over-the-Air (OTA) software updating solutions: With the recent acquisi

-tion of Redbend, our OTA software updating solutions are more advanced than ever, future-proofing cars to make them smarter and safer. With this technology, every piece

of software in a car – from bumper-to-bumper – is updated reliably, securely and in real time. To further strengthen our commitment to this effort, we released a new OTA map update technology for navigation solutions based on the Navigation Data Standard, an industry first.

Securing the Hardware Platform – used to provide secure storage for Digital Certificates, Cryptographic keys, User PINS and passwords and any project specific sensitive data


HARMAN's 5+1 layer security framework tackles the most challenging security vulnerabilities faced in today’s automotive industry.


HARMAN’s unique “defense-in-depth” security model changes the way OEMs secure the connected car.

The key elements that make up the 5 +1

framework are:

Hypervisor – isolation between execution domains

OS Access Control – policy-driven secure control of access to memory, storage and peripherals

Application Sandboxing – resource isolation between applications

Network Protection – secure communications for internal networks and external world

+1 OTA Updateability – a crucial component responsible for installation of security-related

updates and guards against security flaws detected in the field





Industry’s First Pupil-Based Driver Monitoring System

HARMAN’s new proprietary eye and pupil tracking system measures high cognitive load and mental multitaskingin the driver’s seat, and signals the car’s other safety systems to adapt to the driver’s state.


The technology represents a major step forward in the domain of Advanced Safety and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) for vehicles.

HARMAN technology keeps drivers safe by continuously monitoring cognitive load, an industry

-first for Advanced Safety. Driving while tired, distracted or over stimulated may become a thing

of the past, thanks to new technology unveiled by HARMAN, that measures increases in pupil dilation as an indication of a driver’s mental workload.

Security that matters

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